Wow, the Graphics Online liquidation has certainly brought every web company out of the woodwork this week. We’ve spoken to bunch of former GO clients who have had up to 10 different web companies approach them. Buzzword being one of them of course. It has been a week of uncertainty that’s for sure.

This post is aimed at clearing up as much of the confusion as we can and also to chat briefly about why we believe a custom CMS (content management system) platform is not the way forward.

We know that current hosting provider 6YS has started releasing cPanel access to clients who are asking to move their hosting away from them. We have successfully transferred a few clients over to our hosting network without issue. **

**Nerd speak; If you’re a web developer reading this and hoping to assist your clients we can say that around 99% of GoCMS sites should transfer with just the files and database.  The database details are in pages/scripts/config.php. Anything using the classifieds module will need the cms-z dir in the home dir which has its own config files**

We originally thought there was going to be an immediate need to rebuild the sites once they were moved. This has proven to be incorrect as we have moved the sites and maintained full functionality. Much to the client’s relief I might add. Long term we believe that sites using the GoCMS platform will still require a rebuild. There are several reasons for this.

Firstly it is unclear who owns the code or rights to the code of the GoCMS system. We are not sure if it can be tied to the liquidation or if there will be future legal implications for the continued use of the code. Whilst 6YS this week have claimed they have developers on board to maintain the GoCMS system the experience of these developers with this system is also unclear. There around 15 or so developers that have direct experience with the GoCMS code. There are around 90,000 WordPress developers. Another reason why we think a rebuild is neccsesary. There are questions around the security of the code as well.

The owner has stated that a system hack was the cause of the demise of the company. Again it is unclear if the vulnerabilities have been patched and if the platform is secure from future hacks.

Why it’s best to use a system that is popular and portable – WordPress powers 25% of the web

With so many question marks around the GoCMS platform we believe the right move is to convert the sites over to a more widely use and portable platform. Buzzword builds exclusively in WordPress. We chose WordPress for a few reasons.

  • It already powers 25% of websites on the web.
  • You can easily move a wordpress website from one host to another.  You are not tied to the one provider.
  • WordPress is a secure platform to build a website on.
  • There are thousands of WordPress developers out there to help maintain and update your site.
  • Google loves WordPress.


2 important questions to ask the web developers calling to rebuild your websites.

  1. Can I move my website if I build it with your company and maintain full functionality?
  2. Can I organise my own hosting if you build my website?


Buzzword is a local Gold Coast business and we are committed to helping small business. We know that you should be focussing on your business and not worrying about whether your website will be up and functioning in the morning. Yes we want to build our client base and this is a great opportunity for us but one of our core values is that we operate ethically. We are here to help.

Please get in contact on 0421 750 353.

Jodi Brown, Co founder