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Every website on the Internet needs to be stored somewhere, and that’s what we refer to as “hosting”.



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We are the Web and Email Hosting professionals.

Web Hosting is where we started.

Our technical director has almost 13 years working in the web hosting industry.  Our servers are located in Australia, they are fast, safe, secure and have levels of built in redundancy and backups that you don’t get just anywhere.

Website uptime is a critical factor in today’s online environment, you need to ensure that your hosting provider can offer you the experience and support you need. Buzzword Hosting have this experience, we offer a fantastic and personal service backed up by the best technology. We have a number of scalable services including shared hosting, virtual private servers as well as dedicated servers.

Whether it is a flashy home for a brand new website or a new place to call home for your old faithful webpage that you’ve had for years, our customer service and reliability will make the move and the hosting process as seamless as possible.  Contact us now and we can get started right away.

Business grade email that means business!

If you’re in business then Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo just won’t cut it as an email host. If you are in business, then you want to look professional! Receiving emails from businesses using these email addresses just doesn’t portray a professional appearance.

So why do businesses still use Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo addresses?

Think of email correspondence as an online business card for you. If you are using an address it is on par with writing your phone number on the back of your weekly shopping list and giving that to a customer! It is all about your business image. Your business image is a BIG deal! Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo is perfect for personal use, don’t get us wrong – but NOT for business use.

The majority of businesses have their own domain name which creates a professional image. Perfect! Email addresses that use your domain name are the corner stone of professionalism.

For example our domain is So our email : looks much more professional than if we had: don’t you think? Seriously, if you were expecting to receive an email from a business that is asking you to trust them and their email ended with an, you would think twice about dealing with them wouldn’t you? I know if I got an e-mail from a bank ending with there is NO WAY I would consider depositing my money with them!

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