I have the privilege of leading the Business Accelerator groups for the Internet Marketing session. Friday was a particularly unique experience as it was my own business group that I was presenting to. I’ve come to know this group over the last 6 months and have shared my ups and downs with them. It was heaps of fun.

My presentation is always aimed at all levels of understanding of Internet Marketing so everyone in the room will get something out of presentation.

I review each participants website and give them a hard copy of the report. The report is usually $49 but to the participants it’s free. The report itself is straight forward and clear to understand. It’s packed full of tips that can be implemented.

Internet Marketing is an ever changing landscape. What works today may not work tomorrow. I always try to keep my presentations up-to-date with the latest industry information. I showed the latest figures just released from Facebook that shows a whopping 1.44 Billion people active on Facebook each month! Staggering numbers.

I gave the ins and outs of Search Engine Marketing and how it can be effective in generating sales. It was really great to shed some light on what can be a very daunting experience for first time users of Google Ads and similar products.

I absolutely love presenting to small business owners and helping them to navigate the digital space.