There are only a small handful of web agencies on the Gold Coast that can lay claim to being a web design and local Gold Coast Web Hosting company in one. Buzzword are one of these few.
If your website has issues who do you normally call? Your web guys right? Quite often the issue lies with the hosting and not in fact with the website itself. Here’s where a lot of small business run into trouble. They get their website built from a small web agency who outsources their web hosting. If any issues arise they must log a ticket with the hosting provider to try and resolve. This can end up in delays and often lengthy down time periods for the client. Usually leading to frustration.
We pick up so much hosting work from this situation. The big difference with Buzzword is that we have in house hosting. We build our own servers, maintain them and keep them secure. We host in a world class Fujitsu data centre in Australia (helps for SEO) and we back the sites up twice a day.

Local Support

If any of our clients ever have issues they ring us and it resolved in one phone call. We don’t have to call anyone to sort out our hosting because we are the hosts. What this means for you is less down time, quicker response time and better customer service. We take hosting very serious.


To this day we have never had a server hacked or even compromised. Our hosting servers have had over 99.9% up time in the 3.5 years we have been in business. Over 300 small businesses trust Buzzword to look after their hosting. You can see by our Facebook reviews this level of service. We are truly obsessed with making our clients hosting experience the best.

Buzzword are not only a Gold Coast Web Hosting Company, but we also host email. We are Google partners for G-Suite which is a commercial grade email system.
The next time you are looking for local email and Gold Coast web hosting give us a call and experience what sets us apart from the rest.