**Update 14/2/16 11:25am**

Here is the link to the ASIC website which outlines the liquidation of Graphics Online.

We also have received a copy of letter sent to clients from the liquidators which can be viewed here: 390 – Notice to clients – 120216

This last sentence of the letter reads: “Please contact the service providers directly to enable you to access their server, save the content of your website and find another host for your website.


*Original post*

Buzzword have had multiple calls today from panicked business owners who currently have their websites hosted with a local Gold Coast Web company that has gone into administration. We have seen the letter from the administrators which does not give a lot of information at this stage. We know that the hosted websites are spread across 3 hosting providers.

At this stage it is unclear as to what will happen with websites. The company uses it’s own CMS system which means it may be possible to move the website but potentially not the CMS functionality. As this is a fluid situation we will update this blog as more information comes to hand.

For now we recommend all clients take the following steps:

  1. Gather all your log in details for you Domain name, cPanel and GoCMS
  2. If you can access your cPanel take a back up
    1. Back up each section below using partial back up

      To back up a portion of your site, perform the following steps:

      1. Click the portion of your site that you wish to back up:
        • Home Directory — Back up the /home directory.
        • MySQL Databases — Back up your databases.
        • Email Forwarders and Filters — Back up your email forwarders or filters.
      2. Click the appropriate item in the following interface to store the information to your computer or web server.
  3. If you are unable to back up using cPanel (some of the providers have already locked down access) you can get partial backups from the interface. Screenshot below:


Depending the outcome of the administrators it may become necessary to move your hosting.  If this happens make sure you have all your log in details in one place. If you have a trusted web hosting provider they will be able to assist you. If you are unsure of anything or need any clarification please feel free to give us a call on 0421 750 353.